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About Us, LLC, is a Florida Mortgage Lender founded and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. focuses on providing its customers and the “DL” partners (“DLP’s”) with top quality, industry best service.

The founders of have a vast amount of financial experience with each of the principles having over 20 years of experience in lending and financial instruments including such sectors as Private Equity, Mortgage Lending, Investment Banking, Energy, Hospitality, Technology, and Real Estate Development. The founders bring a diverse, yet unified approach to lending striving to provide the best solution tailored to each buyers need. Discount Loan’s trusted advisors aim to provide the customer with tips on how to save on all their expenditures and not just their mortgage payments in the most efficient manner while maintaining the highest level of customer quality and service. was formed by savvy entrepreneurs that understand the challenges of buying or refinancing a home, financing a home improvement project, or financing a commercial property for expanding or growing a business. offers a wide array of competitive products with expertise in every area of residential mortgage lending, from purchasing to refinancing to construction lending, including more specialized products for jumbo and super jumbo loans. also provides factoring to many different sectors of small and medium sized companies. Many of the nation’s largest and most well-known real estate firms, developers, and real estate agents choose to work with

Our unparalleled leadership team will help navigate you through the lending process. If you’re looking for online services, a phone call (1-855-DISCOUNT), a text (1-855-DISCOUNT), or an in person meeting to make your next major decision, we cater to any form of communication you choose. We understand the needs of our customers and know that their time is valuable.

We look forward to working with our partners, clients, and the communities we serve to provide the right product in the most efficient, most convenient and professional manner. We strive to build relationships where our customers know they are getting the best product available to them at the best price possible., built to save…

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Our coordinated team can get your loan processed faster than the competition – guaranteed.

Our personable and extremely knowledgeable loan officers will walk you through your first home buying experience so smoothly, your worries will be left behind.

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